How Mobile Money is Helping the People in Africa

How Mobile Money is Helping the People in Africa

by Paytota | Dec 10, 2019

The pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways, including the way we need to make payments. That's where mobile money has given us a solution – allowing everyone to continue to pay and get paid via digital and mobile apps, even over SMS!

Let's look at the benefits of mobile money solutions in Africa, and how it can make your life easier:

Banking Made Easier

Before, if you wanted to set up a savings account, you would have to go to a physical bank and fill out several forms. There are also other issues with traditional banks like queues and closing times - the list can go on!

Mobile money makes banking accessible to everyone. Now, all you need to do to open an account is open your preferred banking app and sign up! Although easy, this still provides all the security of a traditional bank.

Digital Money

The arrival of digital money has changed the way we get paid and make payments for the better. The development of smartphones has allowed more people to do things like:

  • Pay for a service or product
  • Send money to a loved one
  • Get paid for your skills and products
  • Spilt payments on big items with friends

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